As the season changes so does skincare protection

As the Fall season is upon us, we can’t forget it means weather changes to cooler temperatures, stronger winds and UVA, UVB sun rays still have damaging affects on skin. These three seasonal weather changes can dry skin. To protect skin from damage during the Fall season, it’s been suggested to adapt to the combined weather changes of autumn. One important suggestion is to continue using a sun blocker. Many of us forget about protecting our skin during the fall season as holiday travel begins. Although it might not be summer, we walk out the door forgetting to apply sun block. And now Above Skincare has the right protection to top -off our delicate skin from harmful sun rays. Klapp immun sun line is the all season skin protection from harmful sun rays.

New Klapp Immun Sun Line

The new KLAPP IMMUN SUN series scores with an effective protection against dangerous UVA and UVB rays as well as great after-sun products. New and modern textures fulfill all requirements and distinguish themsel­ves through a high sun protection factor of 50. After sun bathing the skin is pampered with products, which do not only re­fresh and cool, but also have a soothing and intensive moisturizing effect through their specially selected active ingredients. The focus of our after-sun products is high-quality aloe vera.

Why Choose Klapp Hyraluronic Multiple Effect ?

Active Ingredient: hyaluronic acid used in different sized molecules  

The ingredients of the Klapp Hyaluronic products are well chosen. Two of the most important ingredients are triple-active hyaluronic acid complexes and the firming active ingredient Quicklift™. The contained hyaluronic acid refills the skin’s own moisture depots through an intelligent multiple-stage system. The invisible, tightening matrix contained in Quicklift™ is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving the skin with visible wrinkle smoothing and firming effect.  

In addition, Vitamin E and Various oils (jojoba oil are also included in this active ingredient composition can help prevent premature aging and promote skin regeneration reduce irritation and redness.  

Because of the intelligent selection of active ingredients, Klapp hyaluronic multiple effect products have been getting the top rating review.  

Penetrate Deeper  

The texture of the Klapp Hyaluronic Day and Night product is relatively firm. It is very easy to apply and rub in, releasing the hyaluronic acid gradually into the different layers of the skin. The skin looks smoother and firmer. It was quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue. It does not stick or run. Good homogeneous product  

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