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Triple Action Moisturizing Booster


Product Properties: moisturizing, Booster
When To Use: Daily Use
Skin Type: all types
Made in: Germany

Volume: 15 ml

Triple Action Moisturizing Booster 15ml

Stimulation of the skin’s own moisturizing. Long-lasting and effective moisture deposits from the inside. Natural glow. Highly concentrated formula with immediate effect and stimulating active ingredients for restorative long-term results. Due to the high concentration of active ingredients, the Triple Action Moisturising Booster with full power strengthens the synergy effect of serum and cream. For maximum care.


Hyaluronic Multi-Level Performance leads the skin to hyaluronic acid in different molecular sizes as well as moisture factors that retract deep into the skin, fill moisture retentions, counteract moisture loss, and support the protective barrier in its function. The Triple Action Moisturizing products have been carefully formulated with multi-functional, hydrating ingredients in varying concentrations. This means that the products complement each other and the effect is potentiated. The skin remains hydrated for a long time and looks plump and visibly plumped. The feeling of freshness is preserved and the skin is surrounded by a natural glow.


How to use: Clean and tone the skin in the morning and evening. apply the triple action moisturizing booster afterward, and shake beforehand.


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