Klapp Cosmetics beauty pioneer

KLAPP Cosmetics is a pioneer in the world of beauty and stands for innovative cosmetic treatments ahead of their time. For us “Made in Germany” is a promise of quality. Over 36 years of experience and continuous research and development of new high-tech active ingredients and methods, always resulting in the highest treatment success.


As one of the last big visionaries in the beauty branch, Gerhard Klapp has been setting trends since 1980. Gerhard Klapp does not spare any efforts to invest his well grounded expertise in the research and development of cosmetic treatments, special treatments and skin care products. That is why he has always been one of the precursors on the beauty market. His innovations include Retinol (vitamin A), O2 therapy, vitamin C und ASA Peel®. KLAPP Cosmetics is thus synonym for innovation, in the past, the present and also the future.

Treatments & Products

The exceptional KLAPP treatments and products focus on the innovative and diverse treatment concepts, which are complemented by the add-on products for use at home. All KLAPP concepts are developed for each skin type and each skin condition, for both women and men, for face and body – for holistic beauty. The result are flawless products with individual application for skin care, regeneration and wellness.

Why Choose Klapp Hyraluronic Multiple Effect ?

Active Ingredient: hyaluronic acid used in different sized molecules  

The ingredients of the Klapp Hyaluronic products are well chosen. Two of the most important ingredients are triple-active hyaluronic acid complexes and the firming active ingredient Quicklift™. The contained hyaluronic acid refills the skin’s own moisture depots through an intelligent multiple-stage system. The invisible, tightening matrix contained in Quicklift™ is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving the skin with visible wrinkle smoothing and firming effect.  

In addition, Vitamin E and Various oils (jojoba oil et.ac) are also included in this active ingredient composition can help prevent premature aging and promote skin regeneration reduce irritation and redness.  

Because of the intelligent selection of active ingredients, Klapp hyaluronic multiple effect products have been getting the top rating review.  

Penetrate Deeper  

The texture of the Klapp Hyaluronic Day and Night product is relatively firm. It is very easy to apply and rub in, releasing the hyaluronic acid gradually into the different layers of the skin. The skin looks smoother and firmer. It was quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue. It does not stick or run. Good homogeneous product  

The Best Hyarulonic Skincare products:

KLAPP HYALURONIC Day & Night Cream 50ml

KLAPP HYALURONIC Day & Night Serum 50ml

KLAPP HYALURONIC Face Protection Cream SPF 30  50ml

KLAPP HYALURONIC Eye Care Roll-on 10ml & Day & Night Serum 50ml

Repacell- Youth Starts in the DNA

re-activate skin cells

Repacell by Klapp Group Germany won the Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Award in 2018. The idea behind Repacell comes from the cutting-edge Nobel Technology breakthrough – The Discovery of the Telomerase telomerase discovery (the enzyme of youth), using the top cell repair anti-aging technology, accurate direct skin aging source, to maintain cell youth. Through the exclusive patented core active ingredient TCR3-PLUS® Renewal DNA Renewing Factor, Repacell provides skincare products for all skin types through high-tech extraction and manufacturing of safe and hypoallergenic skincare ingredients. It effectively reduces signs of aging and enhances skin firmness and elasticity. Also, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, while replenishing moisture and restoring skin’s luster.